About Us

ICL Business Clinic is a service provided by the Graduate Business School at ICL Education Group, an NZQA Category 1 education provider. The Graduate Business School is proud to have advised small and medium businesses in Auckland, New Zealand, for over two years, while ICL has been operating since 2003. Senior students from ICL’s Graduate Diploma in Business Innovation are active members of the Business Clinic.

Supervised students provide a business consultancy service to a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, spas, car rental agencies, cleaning companies, entertainment businesses, and wineries, among others.

As an NZQA Category 1 school we are committed to excellence in applied student learning.

Our Services

Small and medium sized companies in New Zealand can benefit from the following ICL Business Clinic Services:

  • A small team of graduate Business Innovation students to investigate your requirements
  • An analysis of your requirements guided and supervised by experienced Business lecturers
  • Effective solutions for your business, free of charge

It’s a two-way thing! Businesses share their stories with students, and receive innovative ideas and “outside of the box” initiatives, and students prepare for business practice in a real-world client scenario. Benefits can include:

  • Potential cost reduction on operational processes
  • Innovative, research-based strategies from a fresh perspective
  • Dedicated lecturers and students working alongside your company
  • The opportunity to share your business experience with students


Congratulations to the winners of our Business Clinic Challenge, August 2019! Six groups from the Applied Innovation paper in the Graduate Diploma in Business were challenged to come up with an innovative idea for ESCAPADE, an escape games company in the Auckland CBDThey had to pitch an innovative strategy to a panel of judges, including Escapade CEO Helen Whistle. The “Copa America” team did a wonderful job with their proposal to provide a totally new business market opportunity for the company. All participating teams put in a fantastic effort and presented very creative and innovative ideas. A special shout-out should be made for the “Crispeta” team. We look forward to seeing more of our students’ innovative ideas in the market!

Our Clients

We are looking for client businesses who need cost-free advice.  Are you one of them?

If so, please give us a call or send us an e-mail so we can help you with innovative
ideas, while our students learn and become polished entry-level Business professionals.

General enquiries

Use this form to ask for a Business Innovation Student team to help you, to ask for more information, or to provide feedback that will help us improve our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

It is FREE

How long is the business analysis process?

The process takes seven weeks from identifying the causes of the problem to the final innovative solution, presented to you in person.

When can we expect an innovative business proposal from the ICL Business Clinic?

A detailed business proposal will be pitched to you as the client in a professional presentation scheduled seven weeks after the process has started. You will also receive a copy of the proposal to take away.

What sort of business support do we provide during the seven weeks of the analysis?

  • The Business Clinic identifies the causes of the problem or issue by applying primary and secondary research methodologies to develop a list of possible causes. We use desk research, benchmarking, surveys, semi-structured interviews and other methods according to the nature of the problem.
  • We analyse your target market/s. We may approach customers to validate our ideas.
  • We produce prototypes to address the issue.
  • We provide a cost analysis and risk assessment.

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