New Zealand Diploma in Business (with strands in Leadership and Management) Level 5
ICL Graduate Business School

Programme Overview:
The purpose of this programme is to provide Aotearoa New Zealand with people who have general and specialised knowledge and skills that can be applied in a range of operational roles.

The overall aim of this programme is to transform learners by equipping them with knowledge, essential business skills, attitudes and values underpinning key leadership and management functions in typical business environments. The programme also aims to provide New Zealand business entities with people who are, or can be, employed in management roles at an operational level and who can contribute to the management and leadership of business entities to achieve agreed objectives and achieve the entity’s objectives at an operational level in a bi-cultural and multi-cultural environment.


The course consists of the following eight papers
5200  Business Fundamentals
5201  Professional Practice and Communication in Business
5202  Contributing to Business Innovation and Change
5210  Managing Business Operations
5211  Business Planning
5212  Leading Business Activities and Change
5213  New Zealand Business Environment
5214  Managing Projects

Total credits 120


Programme length:
8 months (1 academic year)


Graduate Outcomes
Apply knowledge of the principles and practices of operations, accounting, sales/marketing, human resources, and risk management to support the operational
efficiency and effectiveness of the entity. Contribute in operational contexts to innovation and organisational change within a business entity.


You must meet the following entry requirements

Applicants must have:
a) Completed University Entrance, which requires:

  • 14 credits at NCEA Level 3 in three different approved subjects.
  • 10 credits at NCEA Level 2 or higher in English or Maori (5 in reading, 5 in writing).
  • 10 credits at NCEA Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau.

b) A total of 50 credits at NCEA Level 2 or higher including:

  • At least 12 credits in three different subjects.
  • Your 50 credits must also include 8 credits in English or Teo Reo Maori (4 in reading, 4 in writing); and 14 credits at NCEA Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau on the Directory of Assessment Standards.


c) A qualification equivalent to 50 credits at NCEA Level 2.


International students for whom English is not a first language must either have:
a) Met the English language proficiency outcomes defined below:

  • IELTS Academic score of 5.5 with no band score lower than 5, or any equivalent approved by NZQA;


b) Completed two years study at a New Zealand secondary school and achieved either NCEA Level 3 or New Zealand University Entrance or both.


Starting dates:
7 Jan 2019

18 Feb 2019

6 May 2019

17 Jun 2019

2 Sep 2019

14 Oct 2019


Course scheduling:
Four papers per 16-week trimester, each paper consisting of 5 contact hours per week – total 20 hours per week. Classes are normally scheduled over three or four days per week

2019 programme fees

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