Outstanding quality of ICL Graduate Business School recognised by NZQA 

The outstanding quality of ICL Graduate Business School (ICL) has been recognised with a Category One rating and an excellent External Evaluation and Review (EER) report from NZQA.

We received the highest possible ratings of  Highly Confident  in both Educational Performance and Self Assessment. Sixteen out of the twenty areas that were evaluated by the NZQA team were found to be of an Excellent standard.  In particular, NZQA recognised the high-quality of our educational provision, the strong student achievement, and the support students receive from enrolment to graduation at ICL.

We are extremely pleased with the result which reflects the emphasis we place on quality throughout the organisation. Students, parents, agents and our other partners can be very confident that students will receive an outstanding education at ICL.

You can read the full report here  https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/providers/details.do?providerId=754840001&site=1