Postgraduate Diploma in Business Informatics Level 8
ICL Graduate Business School

Programme Overview

This unique programme brings together business and IT services in both a New Zealand and global context. As a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Informatics student, you’ll complete eight compulsory courses designed to create a highly relevant blend of advanced Business Management curriculum including project management, enterprise innovation, and business professionalism, with future-oriented Information Systems and IT curriculum such as information security management, enterprise systems and business analysis, and IT service management.

The PGDBI full-time programme is designed for graduates with a Bachelor degree, postgraduate or graduate diploma in a business-related or IT/computing subject from a recognised institution. It is suited for those seeking to: 

  • bridge the gap between a first degree and a career in business informatics that requires further qualifications and skills; and
  • build a firm foundation for further advanced level study towards a Master’s qualification in a similar discipline.


Why choose this programme?

A Postgraduate Diploma (Level 8) is a great choice for a Bachelor graduate who aims to achieve a higher-level qualification in the same or a related discipline – in ICL’s case, a distinctive blend of Business, with Information Systems and Information Technology. If you do not wish to go as far as a Masters, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Informatics (PGD) study still gives you greater depth and expertise at an advanced level, in a field of growing importance – digital transformation. If you have some experience in Business and Information Systems or IT, PGD study gives you the opportunity to reflect on your professional practice in relation to theory, develop as a professional and return to your career with enhanced knowledge and the ability to apply it in real situations.



8260    Digital Transformation
8273    Enterprise Innovation
8102    Enterprise Systems and Business Analysis
8173    Innovation and Design Thinking
8281    Business Professionalism
8203    Project Management
8151    Information Security Management
8150    IT Service Management and Strategy

Total credits 120


Programme Length

12 months (1.5 academic years)


Course Scheduling

The PGDBI consists of eight 15 credit papers at Level 8. Each paper has four classroom contact hours per week, over three 16-week trimesters with short breaks between so that the qualification is completed in 12 months. As a student you’ll take three papers in the first two trimesters: thus classroom contact time is 12 hours per week. In the third trimester you’ll take two papers, or eight classroom contact hours per week.


Graduate Outcomes

Graduates of this programme will have advanced-level knowledge of business informatics, and be able to engage in rigorous intellectual analysis, criticism and problem-solving in the context of business informatics.

Graduates will be suitable for roles which have prospects of a management career pathway as identified by ANZSCO as Level 1 skilled employment roles.  Graduates can launch their careers in a variety of fields including as business analysts, IT managers, process and service managers, consultants, and IT security specialists. The PGDBI may provide pathways for further academic study at an advanced level leading to a Master’s degree.  Graduates from this programme may be required to pursue additional study and/or research for provisional or direct entry onto a university Master’s/doctoral programme.


Employment Outcomes

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Informatics graduates will find opportunities for employment in positions of responsibility such as ICT consultant, Information analyst, ICT project manager, Informatics specialist, Information Manager, Information Architect, Business Solutions Analyst and a wide variety of related roles in business. Skills and knowledge gained through this programme prepare graduates to be effective entry level managers with the ability to think critically, manage information and solve problems in businesses anticipating, facing or responding to rapid technological change. These skills are transferable across many industries both nationally and internationally. On successful completion of this qualification from
26 November 2018, graduates may be eligible for a three-year open post-study work visa.


Entry Requirements

Candidates should submit a complete application portfolio at least one month prior to the start of the programme.  Students accepted into the programme may begin their studies at any start date, subject to available places. Decisions about admission are based on a review of the following materials in the candidate’s portfolio:

  • A completed application form

Original transcripts showing a degree or a Graduate Diploma in a business-related, IT and/or computing subject from a recognised institution (or appropriate equivalent), including full transcripts and grade point average details,


Evidence of acquiring the relevant skills and knowledge through appropriate work or professional experience in business studies or IT/computing related area.

A scanned PDF will be sufficient to progress the application, but original documents will be required when the student arrives at ICL Graduate Business School. If documents are not provided, enrolment will be cancelled.

  • For International students, academic IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5 overall, with no band lower than 6.0 and gained within the past two years in one examination; or any equivalent approved by NZQA.
  • Credit transfer of up to four papers and Recognition of Prior Learning will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
  • ICL Graduate Business School also strongly recommends that a Personal Statement, written by the applicant, is attached to the application explaining why they believe they should study on the programme, their motivations and further aspirations.

Start dates

Weekend Programme: (Friday afternoon + Saturday)
7 Jan 2019

6 May 2019

2 Sep 2019


Evening Programme:

18 Feb 2019

17 Jun 2019

2019 programme fees

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