Tahera Afrin

Programme Leader
Early Childhood Education


M.Phil., AUT, Auckland; M.Ed., B.Ed. (Hons.), DU, Dhaka; PG-Dip-in-Ed, Massey University 



Teaching Background:

I started my career as a teacher right after completing my Bachelor’s degree. My first teaching role included teaching Mathematics and Science to primary school children. Soon after I completed Master’s degree, I switched my role as a teacher educator based on a nation-wide merit-based screening programme in Bangladesh. My teaching then focused on facilitating early childhood, primary and secondary school teachers to encourage children’s’ learning within the local and global context of environmental sustainability. 

Teaching, for me, became more specialised in the area of early childhood education when I started to work with ICL in April 2007.  Currently, with the additional role in leading the Early Childhood Education programmes, I usually teach for the courses related to professional practice. 

Research Background:

My first research project was for my M.Ed. where I looked into the environmental literacy amongst students. In New Zealand, my research interests varied between culture, quality and inclusion, but all projects had been rooted commonly in early childhood education. I have been actively engaged in research and scholarship of teaching with the purpose of developing a better understanding of myself, and ourselves in the classroom. 

My current involvement in research aims for two publications in relation to cultural components and diversity. I am also working as a secondary researcher on a project on inclusion, which is still in an initial stage. 


Selected projects and publications:

  • Afrin, T. (2017). Cultural components of early childhood teacher education programmes: Reflection for lecturers. Unpublished Master’s thesis, Auckland, New Zealand: AUT.
  •  Afrin, T. & Latu, M. (2015). Tuning with the Hermit Crab: Supporting Māori and Pasifika students. ICL Research Journal, vol 3
  • Afrin, T., Duncan, S & Jamali, S. (2015). Males in ECE. ICL Research Journal, vol 3
  • Afrin, T (2014). Value-laden model of moderation. ICL Research Journal, vol 1. 
  • Afrin, T (2012). External and internal moderation: The other side of the story. In M. Hodis & S. Kaiser (eds.). Proceedings of the Symposium on Assessment and earner Outcomes.Jessie Hetherington Centre for Educational Research, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. pp. 2-14 


  • Afrin, T. (2009).“ An overview from different perspectives: Culturally competent assessment in a multi-cultural environment” in Tertiary assessment and higher education student outcomes: Policy, practice & research.  Ako Aotearoa, New Zealand.


  • Afrin, T. (2000). Environmental literacy in schools of Dhaka: Pedagogy & practices. Unpublished Master’s thesis, Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka.


Selected Presentations:

  • Desires and doubts around cultural sustainability: Projection on early childhood teacher education in Aotearoa New Zealand, 7th ICSD, Rome, Italy, September 2019 (accepted)
  • Teaching as Inquiry: Cultural components of early childhood teacher education, AUT Symposium, June 2016
  • Cultural Components of early childhood teacher education (Poster), Mana Rangahau Education and Social Sciences Applied Research Conference 2015, Manukau Institute of Technology, October 2015


Personal periphery:

I live in Glenfield with my husband and son. My extended family live in Bangladesh where I come from. I like travelling, gardening, and meeting family and friends. 

I appreciate your time reading my profile. Kia ora, Dhonnobaad!

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